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Group Personal Accident

This Policy pays compensation to individuals or groups in the event of an accident leading to death, temporary or permanent disablement as well as bodily injury resulting in medical expenses.

Its scope of cover includes:

  • Accidental Death: the Policy pays a pre-determined lump sum as compensation in the event of an accident, during or outside course of employment
  • Permanent Disability: the insured is paid a pre-determined lump sum in the event of an accident leading to permanent disablement which will prevent him/her from engaging in his/her usual profession. Disability is deemed permanent if it will continue for the rest of the concerned person’s life.
  • Temporary Disability: where the insured involves in an accident leading to a temporary disablement, the Policy will pay a weekly salary for up to 104 weeks.
  • Medical Expenses: the Policy will reimburse the insured for medical expenses following bodily injury as a result of an accident up to a pre-agreed limit.