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Our History

Ark Insurance Brokers’ Ltd. was established in 1972 as Ark Brokers Nigeria and commenced insurance brokerage services. The company went into a strategic partnership in 1975 with Stewart Wrightson – a leading U.K. Insurance broking Firm thus, giving the consortium a new mane; ARK-Stewart Wrightson Nigeria. First chairman of Ark – Stewart Wrightson was Sir David Rowland, who later became Chairman of Lloyds of London.

Following Indigenization Decree of 1984 the joint venture partnership ended in 1984, which later authorized our firm to operate as a fully-owned Nigerian Company with the name ARK Insurance Brokers Unlimited; this process caused Stewart Wrightson to divest its equity contribution.

Our near four decades of experience has resulted in the accumulation of extensive knowledge of global insurance practices. The company has thus expanded its specialization into major insurance areas as Oil & Gas, Marine / Hull & Cargo, Construction, Logistics, Aviation, Life &, Reinsurance. Our client pool covers Corporate Institutions, Government, Multinationals, NGO’s, SME’s and High Net-Worth Individual Insurances.

Today, we consider ourselves more than insurance brokers, but rather risk management specialists. Our outlook is global, but with a local content focus in order to meet the expectations of our broad ranging clientele.

We enjoy strategic alliances with foreign partners to consolidate the local market and give us a competitive edge in delivering bespoke world-class services to our clients. We can accurately assess their risks and provide excellent and informed advice thereby ensuring they get the cover they deserve.

Our Chairman has held a Lloyds of London broking license since 1968, and our Executive Director since 2003, making them the first Nigerian father-son pair to hold broking licenses from Lloyds.