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Board of Directors

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As a leading insurance broker, Ark is poised to become the intermediary of choice by leveraging its existing relationships and knowledge base to ensure that the gap between small companies and large multinational corporations are bridged in the area of risk management and business continuity.

With head-office in Lagos, Nigeria, we provide world class insurance services and products to clients that cut across the following; multinationals, Corporations, Financial institutions, Manufacturing, SMEs, Logistics, High Net Worth individuals and Government.

Since inception in 1972 we have expanded our insurance broking, bringing in array of foreign professional partners to consolidate the local market and to transfer the risk globally. Also, as one of Nigeria’s most successful insurance brokers, we’re a member of Global Brokers Network.

Francis Awogboro

Board of Directors 

F.O Awogboro

Olukayode Awogboro
Managing Director/CEO

 Benjamin Olufuwa
Executive Director

 Mr. Ali Joda
Non-Executive Director

 A.M. Soetan
Non-Executive Director

 V.C. Adesunloye
Non-Executive Director